Organize yourself: be S.M.A.R.T

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Organisation. I think it is the word I have heard more than a thousand times while I was pregnant of my twins. As I have already a baby girl (2 year and a half), my family and friends and even unknown people I met were telling me “no way you can manage the arrival of twins without any help”… Well it would have been impossible for me to manage my babies by myself without any help if I would have not been organized. And stubborn. I’ve learned a few things along the way, which I’m sharing in this post. If organization doesn’t come naturally to you and you find quickly yourself overwhelmed, don’t panic, it can be done and hopefully these tips will help you.

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10 Tips for happy mums


Mothers, I think we will understand each other. You have one, two, three or more children? Don’t remember last time you were to the hairdresser? Neither when you went out (alone) for a drink with your friends? Well here is a recap I found and wanted to share with you, as we all want to be healthy and happy, and have a lovely family. 10 tips of great habits we should keep for being a happy mum, so add them into your daily routine!

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